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After looking and looking for ways to combat hair loss, you have nothing to worry about anymore, because this page will show you the BEST treatments available right now depending on your condition.

Yes, “treatments” not “cures”, because as sad as it might sound, science has not gotten this far yet to find a product that could magically stop baldness (except if the cause of your thinning hair is due to a disease, medications, etc).

But what is the difference between a cure and a treatment?

A cure stops the problem instantly and forever. A treatment, on the other hand is something you need to commit to and use regularily until you notice your issue fading away. Although, when the problem stops, you can’t just abandon the treatment and go back to your old habits. Your hair loss would then resume to the way it was.

Using hair loss products, there are 2 ways to use treatments: topically or orally. Either choice is all up to your preferences.

After having confirmed the reason for your hair loss in the section on hair loss causes, scroll down to search for the treatments that relates to this cause and start treating it today!

Male and Female Pattern Baldness Treatments:

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), being attracted by androgen receptors in the body, finds a lot of them in the hair follicles. Afterwards, it likes to shrink the hair follicle until it dies and stops them from generating and giving life to new hairs.

Therefore, nutrients in the blood flowing to the scalp stop passing through and feeding these follicles and there is no more microcirculation in the balding areas.

To hopefully solve this problem, there is usually 3 ways: preventing DHT from binding to the androgen receptors on the hair follicles, inhibiting the production of DHT from conversion of testosterone through the enzyme 5α-reductase or increase the blood circulation to the scalp to feed the follicles and promote a healthy hair growth cycle.

Thankfully, there are many ways and products out there that allows you to accomplish any or all of these hair loss stopping solutions.

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